Solar Pool Heating Explained

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Heating your outdoor swimming pool with a Solar Pool Heating System is a simple and easy way to lower your energy bills and keep your outdoor pool warm enough to swim throughout the year.

Did you know that a properly designed solar pool heating system can double your swim season by raising the pool temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees? This puts you back in control and allows you more pool time!

Solar pool heating systems are easy to install and will last for years, providing you with plenty of free solar-powered hot water. Similar to home solar heating systems, they can turn the immense heat energy from the sun into something beneficial.

A solar pool heating system is a simple heating option because all you need is a solar panel, a few pipes, and maybe a pump. Will it be able to heat your size swimming pool? Absolutely. The only variation is the number of flat panel solar collectors you will need to introduce to your system to heat your water.

What are the benefits of a flat panel solar pool heater? During the spring and autumn, pool temperatures are generally a bit too cool to swim, however, by installing a solar pool heating system you can increase usage up to four or five months of the year really just by harnessing the free energy from the sun.

How does a solar pool heating system work?

A solar pool heating system consists of a solar panel collector, a filter, a pump, and some tubes.

The swimming pool water travels around the flat solar panel that is typically mounted to a house or garage roof, or even next to the pool.

The water heats using the sun’s solar energy, which is harnessed within the solar collector. The heated water then returns to the pool.

It really is that simple. For a visual guide of how this works, click here.

The LeverEdge has been providing innovative solar pool heating solutions for many years, and we have devoted years of research and development to ensure that you are getting the best solar collectors available in the industry.

We boast an industry-leading warranty, as well as easy-to-use solar heating controls that will optimize your system to ensure that you are getting the absolute best in efficiency and technology from your solar set-up.

How? Intelligent design and efficiency optimisation are just two of the reasons why we can capture and retain at least 10% more energy than our competitors!

As well as being great for your energy bills, a solar heated water system is also kind to the environment, reducing the need for fossil fuels, instead utilizing the sun’s clean energy.

Click here to contact us and let us save your energy and your money!

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