Who Sets Water Quality Standards?

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A lot of the time, we take for granted the clean water that we use and consume every day. Most of the time, when we need water, we just go to the tap, turn the handle, and out it comes. We don’t spend a lot of energy thinking about who is responsible for ensuring that water quality meets a set standard. However, a lot of effort has gone into arriving at a safe, realistic water quality standard that the country can all get behind, and it’s mostly thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Generally speaking, there are two types of water quality standards in the United States: federally promulgated water quality standards, and state-specific water quality standards. For any given state, the state-specific water quality standards take precedence.


The federal government makes it very clear that states are responsible for setting and managing their own water quality guidelines. These guidelines take into account healthy levels of elemental minerals that are naturally contained in virtually all water from any source.


However, in areas where there are no state-set water quality standards (examples include some Native American reservations, territories, and a list of about 25 states), the federally promulgated water quality standards apply. All of these rules and regulations are in accordance with the Clean Water Act, a piece of legislation that was generally codified in 1972.


The entire idea behind federal regulations for clean water is to set a guideline for states to follow in making their own rules. If states prefer to use the EPA’s federal guidelines themselves, that’s completely up to them.


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