Salt Chlorine Generators Are a Better Way to Chlorinate Your Pool

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Stop hassling with traditional chlorine.

Whether you use liquid, powder, or tablets, traditional pool chlorine is obnoxious. It stings your eyes, bleaches out your swimsuits, corrodes your pool, and can be harmful if you handle it improperly. Luckily, there’s a better way to chlorinate your pool.

What Is a Salt Chlorine Generator?

Salt chlorine generators convert dissolved salt into chlorine gas, which disinfects your pool at lower concentrations than traditional forms of chlorine. In fact, a salt pool is 1/10 the salinity of the ocean and doesn’t have the same eye-stinging effects of normal pool chlorination.

How do salt chlorination systems work?

First, you add the proper amount of salt to your pool. Then, the pool water enters a special cell that converts the dissolved salt into chlorine gas, which dissolves in your pool water. You get all the sanitizing benefits of chlorine without the drawbacks associated with traditional forms of pool chlorination.

Traditional Types of Pool Chlorine

Odds are good that you’re currently using one of the following types of pool chlorination:

  • Cal-Hypo (Calcium Hypochlorite) is a popular type of powdered chlorine. While convenient, it has a high pH of about 12 and adds high levels of corrosive calcium to your water.
  • Liquid Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) is the cheapest form of chlorine. However, it is extremely corrosive and has a pH of 13 or higher, which means you need to add acid to your pool water to balance it out.
  • Chlorine Tablets (Trichlor) are another common type of pool chlorine. The tablets are extremely acidic, so you have to add a pH increaser to maintain a proper pH balance.
  • Chlorine gas is common in public pools. However, it is dangerous if  mishandled and isn’t typically used in backyard pools as a result.

Benefits of Salt Chlorination Systems

Salt chlorination systems have many benefits compared to traditional types of pool chlorination. Some of the best benefits include:

  • Convenience. Salt is much safer and more convenient to purchase, store, and use than liquid, powdered, or tablet forms of chlorine.
  • Cost savings. Sure, you have to make the initial investment. However, salt chlorination costs about half as much as other types of pool chlorination. How quickly could your salt chlorination system pay for itself with those savings?
  • Comfort. Traditional forms of pool chlorine are harsh on your eyes, skin, swimsuits, and even your pool itself. Salt chlorination is easier on your hair, skin, clothing, and pool.

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