Product Spotlight: Unirac Solar Panel Racking Systems

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When designing a reliable, highly efficient solar power system, one area where corners simply cannot be cut is the mounting system.

A high-quality panel mounting strategy will help to ensure that whatever solar panels are used are held into place, withstand the elements, and provide years of clean, renewable power.

When the solar professionals at The LeverEdge evaluate any home or business for solar power potential, one of the first things they look at is solar panel placement. A key feature of any approach to this step is the racking system.

In this week’s blog post, we’re taking a closer look a Unirac, a long-standing, trusted provider of solar power racking systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Unirac?

In short, Unirac is a powerhouse in the world of solar mounting hardware. Their solar panel mounting solutions can be paired with virtually any PV panel on the market. And, with multiple flush-mount, tilt-mount, or fixed-position mounting products, there’s a solar panel mounting solution for every need.

The Unirac product portfolio can be broken down into five categories:

  • Solarmount
  • SFM Infinity
  • Roofmount
  • ULA
  • Ground Fixed Tilt

The Solarmount line is widely considered to be Unirac’s ‘professional’ grade racking system. This is followed up by the SFM Infinity line, which is specifically engineered for flush-mount installations on comp shingle and tile roofs.

Moving through Unirac’s broad product portfolio, the Roofmount line is a fantastic option for energy maximization and multiple geometry options, offering quick, easy installation and guaranteed permit approval.

Unirac’s ULA—or Unirac Large Array—is the best fit for larger, wider panel configurations. ULA components work seamlessly with Solarmount rails, providing a durable, rigid structure to the overall system.

Lastly, the Ground Fixed Tilt racking solution from Unirac is ideal for systems that require lightweight, ground-mounted components with region-specific engineering.

Tying It All Together

On their own, Unirac’s mounting products are a fantastic value. Combined with the expertise of The LeverEdge, Unirac mounting systems work synergistically with panels, inverters, conduit, and everything else required to make the solar power system a success.

To get started on your own solar power project, contact The LeverEdge today. Clean, renewable energy can be yours, and it all starts with a simple phone call or email to us.

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