Product Spotlight: The Maytag M550 Drinking Water System

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Having great-tasting, clean drinking water is something that many of us take for granted. And, if we don’t take it for granted, we presume that the water we draw from the tap is as clean and as great-tasting as it can be.

At the LeverEdge, our customers are often shocked to learn just how different ordinary tap water tastes compared to water processed by the Maytag M550 drinking water system.

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to be spotlighting the Maytag M550 drinking water filtration system, and we’ll be explaining just why this revolutionary filtering system is such a high-value solution for our customers.

How Does It Work?

The M550 water filter from Maytag is an in-line water filtration solution that is installed between the water supply line and the tap itself. There is an inlet valve that connects to the supply line and an outlet valve that serves filtered water to the tap.

Additionally, there is a ‘drain’ outlet that sends refused water to the main drain line.

When water from the supply line enters the M550 unit, filtration begins immediately, and follows a three-step process:

  1. Large particle removal using mechanical filtration and activated carbon. This step is required for the removal of larger particles that may still be far smaller than the naked eye can see.
  2. Total Dissolved Solids removal using the integrated membrane. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are removed from the feed water using a state-of-the-art membrane developed by the water quality engineers at Maytag.
  3. Final ‘polishing’ by the activated carbon post-filter. The M550 is one of the few drinking water filters on the market that uses two layers of carbon filtering in addition to a TDS membrane. The result is fresher-tasting, clearer water that has a noticeably cleaner taste.

The best part about the Maytag M550 drinking water system is just how easy it is to install. And, even if you’re not confident you can do the installation yourself, the team at the LeverEdge is available to help at every turn.

For Better Water Quality, Turn to The LeverEdge

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