Product Spotlight: The Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator

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If you own a pool, you want to get the most out of it, even if that means keeping to a strict regimen of maintenance, including filter changes, pH tests, and more.

One of the ways to reduce the time spent maintaining your pool while also enjoying better water quality is to take advantage of modern technology. Technology like the Salt Chlorine Generator from Intellichlor.


Smart, Compact, and Easy to Use

Most traditional pool chlorination systems require the use of chlorine tablets or powders. For most pool owners, this means stockpiling chlorine in bags or tubs, where it can be compromised by moisture or contaminants. The Salt Chlorine Generator from Intellichlor completely changes the game by removing the need for powdered or tableted chlorine altogether. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

So, how does it work?

The simplicity will amaze you, and it’s all thanks to a single, small, easy-to-use electronic device that converts common table salt into chlorine gas, which is then sent into the circulating water that feeds your pool. To achieve this chemical conversion, the Salt Chlorine Generator applies a controlled amount of electrical current to the salt, a process known as electrolysis. After the converted chlorine sanitizes your pool, it is reconstituted into salt using the same, small device. Genius!

Other benefits of the Salt Chlorine Generator from Intellichlor include:

  • No more spilled chlorine powder or tablets to clean up
  • Reduced skin and eye irritation due to reduced exposure to chlorine powder
  • No more bleached swimwear or chlorine-faded pool furniture
  • Smoother, silkier water consistency that is more comfortable to swim in

The Salt Chlorine Generator from Intellichlor truly is a revolution in pool maintenance. For most of the new customers we talk to here at the LeverEdge, they can’t believe that such a simple, small device can achieve so much. It isn’t until we get the unit installed and working that skeptics become believers.

For Better Pool Water Quality, Contact the LeverEdge

We want you to enjoy your pool for as many months of the year as possible, and we have the tools and knowledge necessary to help you achieve this. To inquire about the Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator, contact us today.


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