Product Spotlight: The GE AvantaPure Water Treatment System

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Unconditioned water presents a host of unwanted consequences, and not just for pipes and spigots. Did you know that unconditioned water can contain higher amounts of calcium, magnesium, chlorine, and other chemicals that can cause problems for home appliances like dishwashers and humidifiers?


It’s true. And, it’s for this reason, among many reasons, that The LeverEdge helps customers with premium water conditioning systems like the GE AvantaPure water treatment system, part of a whole-home approach to total water conditioning.


When you rely on your local water supplier to condition your water for you, you’re losing control of the quality of your water once it reaches the point-of-use. That could be in your kitchen, bathroom, or even out on the lawn. Some symptoms of unconditioned water use around the house can include:


  • Stiff or scratchy fabrics like towels and bedsheets
  • Chlorine or iron-tasting water
  • Residue left behind after cleaning or washing
  • Cloudy or spotted flatware, glassware, or windows
  • Home appliances not running as efficiently as they could be


By implementing a water treatment system that addresses the issue of chemical build-up in your water, you’re taking a critical step towards better use of this vital resource. The GE AvantaPure water treatment system sends your water through a 5-step reconditioning process which filters out particulate matter like dirt and sand as well as harmful chemicals. The result is purer, cleaner water that is easier to use for all the daily tasks in your home.


The LeverEdge specializes in developing customized water treatment solutions to suit any home, business, or commercial application. To inquire about the GE AvantaPure water treatment system, or to learn more about how The LeverEdge can help you with improved water treatment, contact us today.

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