Product Spotlight: AquaSolar Control System from Hayward

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By now, you’ve probably heard the news: it’s easy to tap the power of the sun to heat your pool without racking up electricity costs.

The technology underpinning solar-powered pool heating systems has been proven for over two decades now. Every year, there are advances made in the efficiency and ease-of-use of these systems.

Today, the AquaSolar control system from Hayward represents the very pinnacle of solar pool heating control systems.

Here’s why.

Putting Automation in Control

What makes Hayward’s AquaSolar control system so compelling is its use of automation to keep the system dialed in even when you’re not around.

Logic-based system operation ensures that solar heat collection is optimized at all times, so when the time comes for you to enjoy your pool, it’s at the ideal temperature, every time.

A single temperature setting is all it takes. Just tell the system what your ideal temperature is, and the advanced automation does the rest!

Simple, Easy User Interface

Easy-to-read LED indicators and a unified, simple interface makes operation and maintenance easy. Each unit is NSF, UL, and cUL approved. There is also a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

A nice bonus is the locking, weatherproof enclosure, meaning you don’t have to worry about weather or environmental conditions posing a threat to your solar-powered pool heating control system.

Three Models to Choose From

The AquaSolar 235 is America’s best-selling entry level controller, with reliable, accurate performance that automatically maximizes solar heat collection.

Other models including the AquaSolar TC system provide additional benefits, like full system diagnostic LEDs and 24-hour control of the pool’s pump and filtration systems.

Interested in Learning More? Contact Us!

There’s never been a better time to invest in the comfort of your pool. AquaSolar control systems make it easy…to learn more or to locate a LeverEdge dealer near you, contact us now!

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