Pentair’s Powerful SolarTouch and IntelliFlo System

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The world has seen a lot of technological innovation in the past decade. One area where this is especially obvious is with solar pool heating systems.

Leading the way in advancements for solar-heated pool equipment is Pentair, a manufacturer of the SolarTouch, IntelliFlo, and IntelliPro lineup.

So what’s so great about Pentair’s products, and why are LeverEdge customers raving about them?

Energy Efficiency

At the top of the list of benefits afforded by Pentair solar pool heating products is their incredible energy efficiency.

Compared to traditional pool heating systems, a properly installed Pentair solar-heated pool system can save pool owners up to $1,500 every year.

The reason? High-efficiency permanent magnet, variable speed motors. These marvels of modern engineering deliver outstanding performance while keeping costs low.

Low Maintenance

Pentair system owners love the fact that once their controller and other hardware are set up, they don’t have to worry about it all season. They can spend their time enjoying their warm pool while letting the high-quality equipment work quietly in the background.

Durable seals, precision-engineered components, and advanced automation combine to provide one of the lowest maintenance pool heating systems on the market.

Get More Information Today

There’s a lot to love about Pentair’s solar-heated pool systems, from their ease of control to their low operating costs.

To learn more about this incredible technology, contact us today, and we will put you in touch with a LeverEdge dealer near you.

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