An Overview of Solar Pool Heating Controllers

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You may already know how easy it is to tap the power of the sun to heat your pool. And, you may already know how efficient solar pool heating systems are, but you may not be aware of the importance of a functional, reliable solar pool heating controller.


A solar pool heating controller provides three essential functions:


  • Intelligently controls the temperature of your pool or spa. This is probably the most obvious feature of a solar pool heating controller, but not all controllers accomplish this the same. Pool heating controllers like the AquaSolar Automated Pool Heating Solution available from the LeverEdge even feature differential temperature control, meaning your pool or spa is kept at a fixed temperature in relation to the temperature outside.



  • Adds a safety feature, ensuring that a maximum temperature limit isn’t exceeded. This is crucial to the overall functioning of the system. When the pool or spa temperature reaches a set upper threshold (determined by the user), the controller instantly stops directing heated water to the swimming area. This keeps the entire system running smoothly, and enhances safety.




  • Provides freeze protection with flow control, when temperatures drop. To keep the lifetime of the pool heating control system as long as possible, a built-in feature that keeps the water slowly flowing during periods of low temperatures helps to prevent freezing, which saves conduit and piping.



Did you know that full-featured solar pool heating controllers like the one linked above can keep your spa at a different temperature from your pool? It’s true! The secret is in the microprocessor  – the pool heating professionals at The LeverEdge can tell you more about how it all works.


When it comes to smart pool heating automation solutions, there’s no better resource than The LeverEdge. We can custom-tailor a solar pool heating solution that exactly suits your needs. Just give us a call today and we’ll be happy to start the conversation. Imagine more comfortable, longer swim seasons. It’s possible with solar pool heating controls and complete systems available from The LeverEdge.

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