No More Bottled Water – Invest in a Drinking Water System

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Stop buying bottled water. Invest in a convenient drinking water system instead.

Bottled water is expensive, inconvenient, and bad for the environment. Stop buying bottled water and invest in a drinking water system for your home, instead. You’ll get clean, delicious water directly from a tap at your kitchen sink. Let’s talk about the benefits of drinking water systems and what other products your home may benefit from in addition to a drinking water system.

Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

Some of the many benefits of under-counter drinking water systems include:

  • Convenient. Not only is a drinking water system far more convenient than constantly buying bottled water, but the filter only needs to be replaced once a year – much less often than pitcher or faucet systems.
  • Environmentally friendly. Did you know plastic water bottles take more than 450 years to decompose? Additionally, only 9% of plastic ever gets recycled, and at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. How many hundreds of bottles per year could your family keep out of the ocean by switching to a drinking water system?
  • Cost-efficient. Bottled water is extremely expensive, and the cost of faucet or pitcher filters adds up over the course of a year, as well. The only regular cost associated with a drinking water system is replacing the filter once a year.

Do I Need a Water Filtration System, Too?

If you get city water and don’t live in a city with bad water, your home may not need a separate water filtration system. However, water must already be filtered, clean, and safe before entering the drinking water system, so you may want to install a water filtration system at the same time as you add the drinking water system.

Not sure whether you need a water filtration system? When you think about brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and washing your dishes, you might decide to err on the side of caution and install the water filtration system, just to be safe.

What if I Have Hard Water?

If your home, like 90% of the homes in the United States, has hard water, a water conditioner can soften your water, helping your appliances and clothing last longer, in addition to improved skin and hair and dishes that come out of the dishwasher without water spots. Here are signs you may have hard water:

  • Extra dry skin
  • Flat, lifeless hair
  • Spotty glasses
  • Ring around the tub
  • Excessive soap scum

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