Why Natural Visions Cleaning Products Are Superior

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When it comes to household and industrial cleaning detergents, there are thousands of products to choose from. Almost all of the commercially available degreasers, dish soaps, and kid-safe cleaning products contain high amounts of synthetic ingredients that are manufactured in a laboratory. What’s more, most manufacturers of cleaning products don’t spend much time or money investing in best-use plastics that are better for the environment.

The LeverEdge offers a new way to clean—the Natural Visions line of cleaning products.


A Naturally Better Alternative

What separates Natural Visions cleaning products from other household or industrial cleaners boils down to two key product attributes:

1. Every Natural Visions product is composed using a minimum of 90% natural materials. With as much as we use cleaning bottles, sprayers, and refills, the amount of material that ends up in landfills adds up quickly. Natural Visions does more to ensure that the impact on the environment is lessened. Every Natural Visions product is biodegradable and safe!

2. Natural Visions cleaning products are manufactured in the USA and are never tested on animals. When you use a cleaning product that is produced by an American company with a strict policy against animal testing, you can feel better about the cleaning you do, spray after spray.

Another key feature of Natural Visions cleaning products is their commitment to non-toxicity. When you use a Natural Visions laundry soap, dish soap,  air freshener, or kid’s product, you know you’re reducing your exposure to potentially toxic ingredients. After all, if you’re going to be living and breathing in the environment you’re cleaning, don’t you want it to be the least toxic it can be?


Safer, More Environmentally Friendly Cleaning from the LeverEdge

When you add it all up, the reasons to go green and use Natural Visions cleaning products are overwhelmingly compelling. And, because Natural Visions cleaning products come in a concentrated format, a little goes a long way!

To learn more or to order your own Natural Visions cleaning products, contact us today.


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