Why You May Need Solar Attic Fans

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It seems like energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds these days, and for good reason. Now more than ever, we have to be as innovative as possible when addressing the challenges of using less grid-sourced electricity, reducing our carbon footprint, and keeping the health of the environment a top priority.


In the united front against wasteful energy use, an unlikely player has risen to popularity, particularly in areas of the United States where the temperatures stay high for much of the year. This new player is the solar attic fan – a small, solar-powered fan that operates on its own to circulate the hot air that can accumulate in an attic. What is remarkable about this technology isn’t so much that it uses solar power to function, but that it can reduce annual home cooling costs by up to 10%, when installed correctly.


What’s more, solar attic fans can also help to reduce incidents of ‘ice damming’. This happens when hotspots on the roof melt snow or hail, and the melted water ends up freezing at the gutters and downspouts. Reducing ice damming extends the life of your roof, a welcomed benefit for any home or business owner. Who knew that such a small and unobtrusive device could help in so many ways?


In addition to reducing the build-up of hot air, another problem can be addressed by installing a solar attic fan. That problem is moisture. By moving drier air throughout the space, the attic as a whole is kept in a more balanced humidity condition. This reduces the risk of moisture build-up, which is a common precursor to mold. As you probably already know, mold remediation is very expensive!
So, whether you’re interested in keeping your roof in top shape, reducing your cooling bills, or just having more peace of mind in the fight against mold, check out the solar attic fan by Venti, available now from the home efficiency experts at The LeverEdge. Contact us today to get a free quote, or to have your questions about solar attic fans answered. We look forward to helping you to reduce costs and to do your part to protect our environment.

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