The Key Selling Points of Solar Attic Ventilation Systems

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Even though it’s technically winter, there are still good reasons to be thinking about solar attic ventilation systems. They can provide many benefits for both home and business owners.


What Problems Do Solar Attic Fans Solve?

Solar attic ventilation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency. This goes for virtually any building that experiences ‘heat pooling’, or concentrations of uncirculated, warmer air. Heat pooling within a home or business can cause a series of ‘hidden’ issues, including:

  • Premature material degradation. Warm zones of air that aren’t circulated throughout the rest of the building can contribute to building material aging much sooner than it should.
  • Increased cooling costs. When air isn’t ventilated well within the attic or crawl space of a home or business, it costs more to cool the rest of the building.
  • Ice damming. Ice damming occurs when warm air in the attic causes snow on the roof to melt and then freeze again before it evaporates. This can result in a potentially dangerous scenario for both the people within the building and the building itself.

To address these issues, solar attic ventilation systems like those available from Venti can be quickly and easily installed by a trained technician from the LeverEdge. The best part about these energy-saving solutions is that they operate independently from the rest of the electrical system. Because solar energy powers these advanced devices, there is no ongoing energy cost.

When to Install a Solar Attic Fan

We often get the questions, “How do I know if my home needs a solar attic fan?” or “When is the best time to install a solar attic fan?”. The short answer is that now is always the best time. This is because solar attic fans have ongoing, cumulative benefit for home and business owners.

The sooner solar attic fans are installed, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits. And, thanks to the build quality of the solar attic fans provided by the LeverEdge, you never have to worry about maintenance or servicing. The units are engineered to operate by themselves for years without any modifications.

When you factor in the costs that are saved through the use of solar attic fans, it’s reasonable to expect that they’ll pay for themselves within just a few short seasons. This makes solar attic fan installation a great choice for home or business owners looking to get the most out of their investment.

If you’d like to get a quote for a solar attic fan solution from the LeverEdge, just contact us!

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