Keep Plastic Out of the Oceans – Invest in a Drinking Water System

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Keep plastic out of the ocean by investing in a whole-home drinking water system.

As of 2015, scientists estimated there were about 150 million metric tons of plastic in the world’s oceans. That number is expected to quadruple to 600 million metric tons by 2040. How many plastic bottles is your family contributing to that number every year?

To help save the oceans – and the entire planet – for your children and grandchildren, now is the perfect time to add a drinking water system to your home. In addition to saving the planet, it will help you save money and may increase the value of your home.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of an under counter drinking water systems.

Reduce Plastic Waste

The best reason to invest in a drinking water system is to reduce how much plastic waste your home creates every year. No matter how far away from the ocean you are, microplastics from your water bottles can end up in the ocean. Even if the plastic stays “safely” in a landfill, the bottles take approximately 450 years to decompose.

Even pitcher and faucet filters create more waste than a drinking water system, whose filter only needs to be replaced about once a year. Adding a drinking water filtration system could keep a ton of trash out of the environment.

Save Money

Buying water is extremely expensive. How much money does your family spend buying cases of drinking water every month? Even faucet and pitcher filters need to be replaced often, and those aren’t cheap, either. A drinking water system provides bottled water quality water right at your kitchen sink. With that in mind, how quickly could a drinking water system pay for itself?


Buying, storing, and refrigerating bottled water is a hassle. Then, you either need to take your kitchen trash out more often or add the bottles to your weekly recycling.

Even if you use faucet or pitcher filters, they need to be replaced regularly. With a drinking water system, you get clean, delicious water right from your kitchen sink, and you only need to replace the filter about once a year. There is no more convenient way to get your drinking water.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding a drinking water system can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and possibly worth more money when it’s time to sell. You get to enjoy the benefits of the system while you live in your home and again when you’re ready to move.

Add a Drinking Water System Today

If you want to learn more about the drinking water systems offered by The LeverEdge, contact us today by clicking here or calling 813-403-5100. Our experts will help you choose the system that’s best for your home, budget, and lifestyle.

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