It’s Time to Switch to Concentrated Cleaning Products – Stop Paying for Water and Plastic!

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Why pay for water and plastic when you could save money – and the environment – by switching to concentrated cleaners?

Are you still buying household cleaning products from the grocery store? You’re likely wasting money, and you could probably be doing more to help the environment, too. Let’s talk about why you should switch to Natural Visions concentrated cleaning products.

Stop Paying for Water

Unless you have to dilute it first, any household cleaner you buy at the store is made up mostly of water. Why pay for that water, when you could buy concentrated cleaning supplies and add the water yourself?

One liter of Natural Visions Kitchen and Bath Cleaner refills up to 67 (16 oz) bottles. For reference, one liter holds just under 34 ounces, and 67 (16 oz) bottles hold more than 1000 ounces of diluted cleaner. That’s a lot of water you’re no longer paying for compared to a cleaner that’s already diluted!

Keep Plastic Out of the Landfill

When you buy concentrated cleaning supplies and refill bottles rather than buying new ones, you can keep a lot of plastic out of the landfill. Just think about how many plastic spray bottles your family could stop throwing out each year by refilling, rather than replacing, each empty bottle.

Very little plastic is actually recycled, and plastic waste is becoming a big problem. Do your part to reduce plastic waste by using concentrated household cleaners.

90% Natural Ingredients

Many household cleaners contain any number of artificial, unpronounceable, and potentially harmful ingredients. On average, 90% of the ingredients in each Natural Visions product are completely natural, making them safer than much of what you can get from the grocery store.

Additionally, Natural Visions focuses on the ethical use of natural resources, and every product is biodegradable.

Get Cleaning Supplies Delivered to Your Door

The quicker you can get in and out of the store, and the fewer bags of groceries you have to haul from your car to your home, the better. With Natural Visions, your cleaning supplies are shipped directly to you. And, since they’re concentrated, they will take up less space and last much longer than traditional household cleaning supplies.

More Than Just Cleaning Supplies

Natural Visions has more than just household cleaners. They offer a wide variety of concentrated products, including:

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Body wash
  • Air freshener
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry soap
  • Fabric softener
  • Dryer sheets

Learn More About Natural Visions Now

Are you ready to learn more about why Natural Visions cleaning products are the right choice for your family’s safety, your wallet, and the environment? Contact The LeverEdge today by clicking here or calling 813-403-5100.

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