Is Solar Water Heating Right for Me?

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is-solar-water-heating-right-for-meWhen we consider the various ways that we can harness energy from the sun, there are two principle methods that most all collection efforts fall into: thermal energy collection and photovoltaic energy collection. Thermal collection refers to capturing heat from sunlight, not necessarily electricity. Photovoltaic (also known simply as PV) energy collection involves using sunlight to charge ions in a solar panel, which then becomes electricity for the building to use. In the former case – thermal – heat energy can be used to offset the cost of hot water heaters, which can amount to as much as 30% of the energy spent keeping a home and its residents warm and comfortable all year long.

The question you might then ask is: “Is solar water heating right for me?” Well, the first obvious response to this question will be geographical in nature. That is, do you live in an area where there is a lot of warm sunshine and where there is a low incidence of below-freezing temperatures? If not, then solar water heating might not be for you. Alternatively, if you live in an area like Florida where there is a glut of sunshine pretty much year round, then solar water heating is an excellent option to consider.

Another factor in the decision to pursue a solar water heating system is how much hot water your home or business consumes in a given month. Have you considered monitoring your usage to find out how much water you go through? The results of such monitoring may surprise you. It’s possible that you’re using much more hot water than you think, and by investing in a solar water heating system, you could be saving hundreds of dollars every year, all while investing in your home for longer-term returns.

If you have questions about how to monitor your hot water use, how much energy you’re currently using to heat your water, or how a solar water heating system might benefit you, then call the professionals at The LeverEdge. We know solar water heating, and we know how to design a system that will work perfectly for your home, your needs and your life. Contact us and ask about a free quote for a solar water heating system installed by the trained professionals at the LeverEdge.

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