Installing Solar Pool Heating: Before and After

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When our customers learn how much better life can be with a solar-heated pool, they’re often shocked.

We understand why! It’s not immediately obvious how many benefits there are to having a solar-powered pool heating system, which is why we’re dedicating this week’s post to a comparison of how the typical pool is used before a solar-heated pool system installation and after.

Before: Year-Round Swimming is a Chore

When the cooler months of October through March roll around, it’s routine for many households to simply stop using their pool. Many homeowners will winterize the pool in preparation for potential freezes, and often, neglect of pool maintenance can result in an accumulation of bacteria, molds, or other invasive pathogens.

Then, when springtime comes, it’s often a huge undertaking to bring the pool back to a functional condition. The more the pool has been neglected throughout the winter, the more time-consuming (and costly) this can be.

Before having a solar-powered pool heating system installed, the pool simply doesn’t see as much use. One solution is to install an electrically powered pool heater that relies on grid-sourced power to operate. However, this is incredibly costly for the months when it is used, and it often requires ongoing maintenance.

After: “Who’s Up for a Swim?”

The biggest benefit of having a solar-powered pool heating system is the freedom to use your pool more often throughout the year.

After a solar-powered pool heating system is installed by the professionals at the LeverEdge, homeowners immediately get more access to their pool, sometimes year-round!

Gone are the worries that it’ll be too cold to use the pool, or that swimming won’t be as enjoyable as it is in the warmer months. Because the solar-powered pool heating system uses thermal energy collected from sunlight, there is no ongoing operational cost like there is with electronic systems.

And, scheduled maintenance or system servicing is much less frequent than it is with electric systems.

Another great benefit that comes with solar-powered pool heating systems is that they are completely automated, requiring no special knowledge or training to operate.

Lastly, after a solar-powered pool heating system is installed by the LeverEdge, the homeowner has peace of mind knowing that the entire system is supported by industry professionals who have a proven track record of high customer satisfaction ratings.

Get More Use out of Your Pool!

We want you to enjoy all of the benefits that come with having a pool on your property. By installing a solar-powered pool heating system, you’ll get more dividends on the investment you made in your pool in the first place.

Ready to talk to us about having a pool heating system installed? Contact us today, and let’s start a conversation.

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