How Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers Work

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Protecting your family is one of your highest priorities, and rightly so.

With as much as you do every day to keep them safe, it only makes sense to include protecting your water quality as one of your goals.

Thankfully, modern technology allows for incredibly simple and easy-to-maintain solutions targeting the elimination of waterborne microorganisms in your drinking water.

One of these solutions is ultraviolet water sterilization.

Ultraviolet Light = Ultraclean Water

Even though municipalities do a good job of treating water with chlorine and other safe additives, there’s more that can be done to go even further in making your drinking water the best it can be.

Here’s how a typical UV water sterilizer—like the UV Light SL-E—works:

  1. Tap water enters the stainless steel treatment chamber from a 1 3/4″ inlet port at the top of the unit.
  2. The water enters a semi-hollow chamber with a long, cylindrical UV lamp at its center.
  3. Using electricity from supplied AC power, the UV lamp penetrates the water in the treatment chamber, effectively killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.
  4. A flow controller and integrated solenoid valve work in concert to optimize outflow through a 1 3/4″ outlet.
  5. The treated water is routed to your dispenser, where fresh, great-tasting drinking water is enjoyed!

Additional Features

The UV water sterilizer we’re using as an example here does more than just provide cleaner water. It also:

  • Comes with a standard warranty
  • Includes a touchscreen for ease of operation and alarm notifications
  • Notifies you of upcoming replacements that may be needed
  • Includes a composite surge protector/fuse system to protect the unit from power spikes

As you can see, worry-free UV water sterilization is effective, easy to install, and even easier to enjoy.

Ready to learn more about how to start reaping the benefits of cleaner water for your family? Contact The LeverEdge today!

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