How to Sell More Solar

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At The LeverEdge, we want our distributor partners to be successful with every product we provide. From whole-home water treatment systems to one- or two-off attic fans, there is a lot of profit margin to be realized. However, among all of the products available from the LeverEdge, solar power generation equipment sales and service rank as some of the highest profit sales you can make.

Why is this? Well, we supply solar power panels, inverters, wiring and installation kits that are sourced from some of the most reputable and cost-effective overseas suppliers. Because we have the buying power of a company that does commercial-scale solar installations, you get the benefit of reduced overall cost.

So, how can you sell more solar?


Start with the Basics

Any residential or business customer who is interested in solar is probably going to make their buying decision based on two key factors:

  • Immediate, up-front cost
  • Ongoing energy cost savings

So, if a solar system you propose is either too high in immediate, up-front cost, or not robust enough to save the kind of money the customer expects to save over the long term, the deal won’t be closed.

To get ahead of this, it’s almost always recommended that you sit down with your customer to do some basic math. This exercise will show the customer, in dollars and cents, what they can expect from their solar investment.

During this exercise, ask questions like these:

“How much are you currently paying in electricity costs every month?”

“Have you ever had a solar power system installed before?”

“What is your budget for this project?”

“How much do you need to save on your power bill every month in order for this project to be a success?”

Etc., etc.

Use the answers you get from these questions to give you as the salesperson the ammunition you need for the close. When you present a full-scale solar power generation system solution that is in-line with the customers budget, cost savings, and service expectations, your win rate is going to be much higher.

And, when you use their own data in your proposal, the customer knows exactly what they’re getting without any confusion or hidden costs.

For More Sales Support, Contact The LeverEdge

If you need sales support for solar power systems or anything else provided by The LeverEdge, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of professionals is standing by to give you the support you need. Contact us today!

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