How to Level-Up Your Attic, Fast!

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Solar-powered attic fans provide immediate, powerful benefits for homeowners

Attics and crawl spaces aren’t areas of the home we tend to think much about. They are, after all, out of sight and, hence, out of mind.

But, what if that uncirculated mass of warm air sitting in your attic could be the cause for high energy bills?

Or, what if trapped air in your attic was contributing to problems outside your home, like ice damming or even gutter and downspout damage?

The reality is that attics without adequate air circulation can cause a host of problems for homeowners, and they may not even know it!

The good news is that solar-powered attic ventilation is easy to add to your home, and you can start enjoying the benefits of even attic air circulation almost immediately!

Solar-Powered Attic Fans Are a GameChanger

Ventilation technology has come a long way just in the past 15 years. Attic and crawl space ventilators used to require long power cord extensions in order to function. Because they required power from the home to do their job, they came with an ongoing operating cost.

Today, with the advent of solar panels, attic fans can be completely power-independent, reducing their cost of operation to zero dollars.

It could even be argued that solar-powered attic fans have a negative operating cost, due to the fact that they help to reduce cooling costs. They operate using power from the sun, they require little to no maintenance, and they’re relatively easy to install.

Solar-powered attic fans could be the single most beneficial home improvement you make all year.

The Benefits of Attic Ventilation

The moment your attic or crawl spaces have air circulating through them, the entire home is able to achieve a much evener temperature balance. Hot air pooling in the attic is eliminated, reducing the burden placed on your air conditioner (especially in the warmer months).

What’s more, hot air pooling in the attic can create zones of heat on the roof—zones that can melt ice and snow, causing the water to travel down the roof and to refreeze when it hits your gutters.

Because of the immediate benefits that solar-powered attic fans provide, and because they cost nothing to operate, there really is no good reason not to invest in them.

Curious about how to integrate smart attic ventilation into your home? Contact The LeverEdge today, and let’s start a conversation.

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