How to Extend Your ‘Swim Season’ with Solar Pool Heating

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The LeverEdge offers many ways to enhance your pool with industry-leading technology that can be affordable and efficient at the same time.

One of the most common reasons LeverEdge customers cite for installing a new solar pool heating system is so they can enjoy more weeks and months of pool use, even when the temperatures drop.

You, too can extend your ‘swim season’ by taking advantage of solar pool heating equipment sourced by your local LeverEdge dealer.

How It Works

Simply put, solar pool heating systems use the energy from the sun to heat the water in your swimming pool. These systems typically consist of a series of thermal solar collectors, a pump, a controller, and a filter.

The solar collectors are typically installed on a roof or a nearby area that receives maximum sunlight. The panels contain small tubes or channels that circulate water from the pool, and as the water passes through the panels, it is heated by the sun’s heat energy.

A pump connected to the controller circulates the heated water back into the pool when the water temperature drops below the pre-programmed threshold. The filter removes any debris or dirt from the water before it is returned to the pool.

LeverEdge solar pool heating systems are environmentally friendly, very inexpensive to operate, and can significantly reduce the energy costs associated with heating a pool using conventional methods.

The Right Controller Matters

The LeverEdge is proud to carry Pentair and Hayward solar pool heating controls. These controls offer intuitive ease-of-use, simple ‘set-and-forget’ operation, and easy integration with most solar pool heating systems.

Once your solar pool heating system is paired with the right controller, and after everything has been configured to operate according to your preferences, all that’s left to do is enjoy more time in the pool.

Your LeverEdge solar pool heating solution will keep your pool at a temperature that’s perfect for swimming for more months out of the year, so you can get more from your pool investment.

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