How Do Water Parks Manage All That Water?

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In the United States, we sure love our water parks. In fact, the US has more water parks than the rest of the world combined. During hot summer days, Americans have access to over 1,000 water parks, and if that isn’t enough, there are 600 more across the globe. Many water parks span multiple dozens of acres, with the largest being Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin. As you can imagine, the water use of a large water park like Noah’s Ark Water Park is going to be way more than any other business of a similar size. So how do water parks manage all that water?


Firstly, there are water park water treatment best practices that are available for water parks to incorporate into their water management operations. The leading organization for water parks is the World Waterpark Association, which offers water parks access to a network of experts who can recommend the best filtration and treatment hardware. It’s important to note that water treatment with a focus on safety is very different from water treatment with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. Even though water parks have been around since at least the early 1970’s, they haven’t all been hallmarks of responsible water use. As global perspectives on proper water use change, water parks will have to take steps to become modernized. This will most certainly come at a cost to the business bottom line, but water is, after all, our most precious resource.


Within the world of water parks, water treatment with customer safety has been fairly well-managed over the years. Even still, some waterparks are taking water treatment to an entirely new level. One example is Chaos Water Park – they are using Sphagnum Moss to help keep harmful pathogens out of the water. By cleaning the massive volumes of their water in this way, the park is able to reduce chlorination and other chemical additives by over 90%. Using biology in a smart way like this is a fantastic use of the natural world to solve a complex problem.


One thing that the LeverEdge has in common with water parks is that water is crucial to our business: the quality of it, the condition of it, the safety of it. We are dedicated to helping customers address their water treatment concerns head-on, whether that means adding a simple tap filtration system or re-engineering a whole-home water distribution model. Regardless of the scope of need, our experts are ready to help. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

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