How Changing Your Cleaning Products Can Help Change the World

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Routine cleaning in the household is something a lot of us take for granted—we know we want things clean, and we often buy our cleaners based on how effectively they…well…clean.

But, did you know that the cleaning products available at your local supermarket often include synthetic additives that can cause health issues? Things like rashes, itching, respiratory problems, and chemical toxicity are just examples of the nasty side effects that some of these chemicals can cause.

What’s more, there’s an even bigger and better reason to take a long, hard look at where you get your cleaning products: Our planet.

That’s right; the amount of plastic waste that results from the pervasive use of household cleaning products places a huge burden on waste disposal efforts. And, sadly, much of this plastic waste makes its way into our oceans, rivers, and streams, where it often disrupts the habitats of wild animals.

What Can Be Done?

In evaluating the harm caused by the use of common detergents, soaps, and cleansers, we see that there are two main areas where sustainable cleaning products can benefit us:

  1. Natural formulations. When a cleaning product uses more natural ingredients than synthetic ones, the result is better both for the consumer and for the environment.
  2. Biodegradable packaging. More and more manufacturers are moving toward plant-based, biodegradable packaging to aid in the fight against plastic pollution. When cleaning product packaging is easier to dispose of, the negative overall impact it has within our environment is lessened.

At The LeverEdge, we’re passionate about doing whatever we can to help save our environment and protect it from the damage caused by our consumption as human beings. To that end, we’re proud to offer the Natural Visions line of cleaning products—products that include cleaning solutions for laundry, kitchen and bath, air, and even personal and kids products.

When you make the switch to Natural Visions sustainable cleaning products, you’re immediately improving the outlook for both your own personal health and the health of our environment.

Learn More—Contact The LeverEdge

We think you’ll be glad you replaced your toxic, environmentally harmful cleaners with gentler, more natural cleaning products from Natural Visions.

And, it’s likely you’ll notice that these natural cleaning products actually clean better!

That’s a win-win in our book!

Have questions about the use of natural cleaning products like those from Natural Visions? Contact us today—we’ll be happy to help.

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