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How Can You Get Hot Water for Free?

In Water Tech by The LeverEdge

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water filter O-ring
Can hot water actually be free? Yes!

When our customers first hear that they can get their hot water at no cost to them, they don’t believe it. However, once they realize how cost-effective and efficient our solar water heating systems are, they become believers for life.

Here’s how it all works.

Overabundant Thermal Energy

Did you know that our sun releases enough energy in a single hour to light up nearly three trillion light bulbs? As of today, it’s not physically possible to harness all of that energy for electricity, but, one thing we can do with the sun’s energy is use it to heat water for domestic and commercial use.

Because the thermal energy of the sun never diminishes, there’s a near-infinite source of it. The challenge becomes using the right materials and technologies to efficiently transfer the thermal energy from sunlight to the water we use.

That’s where The LeverEdge comes in.

The Solution: Automation

You might think, “If it’s possible to get hot water for free, why isn’t everyone doing this?” The answer to this question is this: not everyone lives in a geography that makes it possible to use solar thermal equipment for hot water production.

However, in states like Florida, Georgia, Texas, and others, there is just the right mix of direct sunlight and acceptable atmospheric temperature to allow for the efficient operation of solar water heating systems.

So, what’s the secret to these powerful, cost-effective systems? The answer lies in automation. Here’s what we mean:

  1. Sunlight heats the water contained in a series of tubes that are installed in an outdoor location (typically on the roof).
  2. A thermostat detects the temperature of the water compared with the outdoor temperature and adjusts the flow accordingly.
  3. An intelligent monitoring system ensures that hot water is available whenever possible, and heating costs are reduced.

What makes these systems even better is the expert installation and ongoing support provided by The LeverEdge, an established water quality systems provider.

So, what’s stopping you from getting your hot water for free? Contact The LeverEdge today, and learn about what steps you need to take to begin harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your energy bills.

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