How Can the Sun Help You Take a Shower?

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There are few things in life as satisfying as a nice, hot shower. When we think about domestic water systems, we typically think about a plumbing network that serves the entire home, all connected to a centrally-located hot water heater that is constantly working to keep hot water available at all hours of the day. Heating hot water for domestic use accounts for roughly 30% of the average power bill for American consumers because the water system in a home works on demand and must be ready at any moment to deliver hot water to whichever part of the home needs it.

The LeverEdge poses the question: “How can the sun help you take a shower?” We don’t literally mean that the sun is going to scrub your back for you. Rather, we mean that the energy that comes from the sun can be harnessed in such a way as to mitigate the power consumption in the home by thermally heating water in a collection system before delivering it to the bathroom spigot to enjoy during the shower.

This process is enhanced by solar water heating systems that can automatically detect when the conditions are optimal for solar hot water heating. This means that the system isn’t going to operate if there isn’t adequate heat, and it’s going to rely on built-in thermistors and other sensors to determine the best times to pull water from the collection tray and send it throughout the house.

The LeverEdge has the professional expertise to guide you to the right solar water heating solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn about how a solar hot water heating solution could help you take cheaper, hotter showers all while doing your part to help us function in a world where renewable energy grows more and more valuable.

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