Get Better-Tasting Water without Plastic Waste

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Now you can get better-tasting water in your home without wasting plastic water bottles!

Do you spend a fortune on bottled water? Do you get annoyed with faucet filters? Is a pitcher taking up too much space in your fridge? Now you can get great-tasting water with a reverse osmosis drinking water system added to your current plumbing.

Get tasty water without the waste or hassle of other methods. Why should you invest in a drinking water system? Here are some reasons you should strongly consider it.

Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

Why should you install a drinking water system in your home or office? Here are some of the best benefits:

  • Save money. The cost of water bottles or filters for faucets or pitchers can really add up. Once you install the system, maintenance costs are very low.
  • Better for the environment. How many hundreds or thousands of plastic water bottles could your family keep out of a landfill each year by making the switch?
  • Convenience. Change the filter on your drinking water system every 12 months and enjoy easy, clean water for the rest of the year.

How Does it Work?

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems use several different stages to deliver the best-tasting water to your kitchen sink. Each system varies, but in general:

  • The first filter blocks microscopic debris and filters out chlorination.
  • A composite membrane in the reverse osmosis chamber filters out particles too small for the prefilters.
  • Activated carbon helps enhance the flavor and color of your water.
  • One final filter removes any remaining odors or taste for the best-tasting water.

Do I Also Need a Filtration System?

While drinking water systems do filter your water a lot, the water must already be drinkable before entering the system. If your home gets municipal tap water, you should be all set!

However, if your water comes from a ground well, you may need an additional filtration and purification system to remove harmful microbes and large debris before they reach your drinking water system.

If you worry about the safety of your tap water, it’s always a good idea to install a filtration system alongside your drinking water system.

Learn More Today

Are you ready to add a drinking water system, filtration system, or both to your home or office? Our staff can help you decide which of our amazing drinking water systems best fits your needs and whether or not you should add a purification system, too.

Contact us today to find out how we can set you up with delicious, clean water. Click here or call 813-403-5100 now!

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