Fast, Efficient, 3-Step Water Filtering, Explained

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Getting great-tasting, crystal-clear water is easier than ever, thanks to the Iron Boss three-stage water filtration system.

This marvel of engineering represents decades of research and development into the technology that is used to make space-age water filtering accessible and reliable for everyone.

Here’s how it works!

Three Steps to Better Water


Iron Boss uses Natural Air to increase the amount of oxygen in the filtration chamber. When oxygen comes in contact with iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in the water, their molecular structure is changed as they become oxidized.


The newly created iron oxide and elemental sulfur are then filtered out of the water using Iron Boss’ Diamonite filtration media. Working together, these two features naturally remove unwanted elements from the water.


After the water has been filtered, it can either be used directly in the home or sent to a secondary filtration system depending on the user’s needs.

The Iron Boss system is also self-cleaning, automatically rinsing and re-oxygenating the Diamonite media bed, reducing the need for regular maintenance.

What Is Diamonite?

Iron Boss uses Diamonite, a special combination of filtration media, to effectively remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water.

This media consists of millions of small, highly porous beads with numerous facets, enabling them to form tiny cavities where oxygen molecules can be stored. This allows Diamonite to act as an effective natural filter.

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