Even Though It’s Winter, You Could Still Be Swimming!

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Winter is officially here. The mercury has dropped, daylight hours have shortened, and you might be thinking that there’s no way you could be enjoying your pool right now.

The reality, however, is that your swimming pool could still be used if you had a solar pool heating system installed.

Imagine being able to enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable swim in your swimming pool even in the midst of this cooler season. The great news is that you can!

How Solar Pool Heating Works

You probably already know that electrical energy can be harvested from sunlight using solar panels.

You probably also know that the sun is the most powerful source of heat energy (also called thermal energy) in our solar system.

Solar pool heating systems take advantage of the thermal energy that is abundantly emitted by the sun every day.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Direct sunlight heats up water contained in an array of specially designed carrier tubes.

    These tubes are typically installed on the roof, keeping them out of the way. Connected to these tubes are inlet and outlet conduits that allow for effective cycling of the heated water.
  2. A pump connected to the system sends cooler water to the tubes and brings heated water down to the pool.

    A thermostat that is part of the smart control system automatically activates this pump when the solar-warmed water is ready to be sent to the pool.
  3. If the temperature of the water in the pool exceeds the temperature of the solar-heated water, the system deactivates.

    The best part about solar pool heating is that it’s fully automated, and you don’t need to do anything to keep it running effectively!

At The LeverEdge, we’re passionate about enabling homeowners to get more use out of their pool for more months out of the year.

So, even when Winter arrives and most other pool owners are hanging up their swimsuits for the season, you could be continuing to enjoy the investment you’ve made into your pool.

To learn more about solar pool heating or to receive a quote for a complete solar pool heating system, contact The LeverEdge today.

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