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(VIDEO) Drinking Water System Installation – Step 1 – Review Included Parts

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Drinking Water System Installation – Step 1 – Review Included Parts
(Video transcript included below.)


Hi. I’m Joe McCusker. We’re here at The LeverEdge in Odessa, Florida and we’re going to show you how to install a drinking water system.

Step One – Review Included Parts

The following items will come in the drinking water system kit – Manifold with or without cover. The manifold is labeled: post-filter, membrane, pre-filter. On the bottom is: activated carbon, membrane, sediment/carbon.

These are the exchange modules: Post-filter , membrane with housing, and pre-filter.

This is the tubing supplied with the kit. We’ll go over each one as we install the system.

A bag of parts is included. We have the following: drain saddle, inline filter, holding tank shut-off valve, exchange module wrench, Collet release tool, O-ring for the membrane housing, the manual, and testing supplies. Also supplied is the holding tank.

Additional required items needed when ordering are: quarter-inch locking clips, three-eighths inch locking clips, John Guest stainless steel angle stop valve, mounting clip, and mounting screw.

We have three types of faucets to choose from in multiple finishes: top-mount, value, and designer. If you order the value series, be sure to order a John Guest coupling, three-eighths by quarter-inch.


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