How to Double Efficiency without Hiring More Staff

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In the fast-paced and technology-rich world of business, it seems like everyone is trying to do more with less. Nowhere else is this more obvious than within the water industry, where every few months a new trend or gimmick seems to rear its head with claims of making your life as a water equipment distributor easier or more profitable.

The truth is that the best way to improve your water company operations without investing more than you need to lies in maximizing the existing use of your resources through the implementation of tools that are unique to this industry. One such tool is a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM.

CRM’s have been used as part of a strategic approach to managing the customer experience for as long as shoeboxes and notecards have been around. Those were, after all, the very first methods of keeping track of important facts about the customer experience, from sales conversations to project completion, through to customer service and follow-up.

Now, however, there are advanced CRM tools available that integrate seamlessly with your water business, taking into account things like scheduling, service calls, and more. With an advanced CRM available from the LeverEdge, your water business can:

  • Obtain high-level, real-time reports of the current status of projects and resources
  • Make decisions quicker utilizing fresh business information as it becomes relevant
  • Create accountability for your team, resulting in smoother overall operations
  • Much more!

Even though there are dozens of CRM products available within the marketplace, there is only one source for a water industry-specific CRM solution that speaks directly the needs of business owners in this unique market.

To learn more about how your water company can benefit from a top-tier CRM solution available from the LeverEdge through our new GPP program, contact us today.

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