Don’t Drain Your Pool Yet – Extend Your Swimming Season With a Solar Pool Heater

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A solar pool heater could extend your swimming season by weeks or months.

Now that Labor Day has passed, many people are draining their pools, already preparing for the cooler temperatures of fall. What if you didn’t have to drain your pool yet? A solar pool heater can increase your pool’s temperature by 10-15 degrees without adding to your electric bill!

Let’s talk about solar pool heaters and why you should add one before draining your pool this fall.

What Is a Solar Pool Heater?

A solar pool heater warms up your pool water from the sun’s energy rather than an electrical source. How does it work?

Your existing pool pump sends cool water up to special solar collectors on your home’s roof. There, the water is heated directly by the sun’s rays, then returned to your pool warmer than before.

Solar pool heaters can raise your pool’s temperature by 10-15 degrees, extending your swimming season by weeks or even months every spring and fall.

Additionally, they can work in reverse during the summer, bringing hot water up to the panels at night to cool it down.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters have many benefits, including:

  • Spend more time in the pool each year. Compared to not having a pool heater, you can fill your pool earlier in the spring and drain it later in the fall than you could before.
  • Cost-effective. Once you purchase the pool heater, you’ll pay little, if anything, to maintain it, and you won’t add anything to your electric bill.
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar power is clean energy, so you can be certain you aren’t contributing to climate change just by warming your pool.

Save Money With a Variable Speed Pool Pump

While you’re at it, why not go ahead and add a variable speed pump to your pool? They’re up to 90% more efficient than single-speed pumps. If you have a large pool and high electric rates, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on your electric bill by upgrading to a variable speed pump.

Learn More Today

If you think now is the right time to add a solar pool heater or variable speed pump to your pool, talk to one of the experts from The LeverEdge today to talk about which products best suit your needs. Click here or call 813-403-5100 now to learn more about our products.

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