Does Solar Water Heating Still Work in Cooler Weather?

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At The LeverEdge, we get a lot of questions related to the solar-powered water heating systems we provide.

For many new customers, it all sounds too good to be true. Can you really heat your pool or domestic water using the sun, and can you really save on your electricity and natural gas bills in the process?

The answer is yes. But, that’s not the full story. After people hear about how easy it is to purchase and install a new solar-powered water heating system, a common follow-up question is, “Does solar water heating still work in cooler weather?”.

Let’s dive into the answer!

The Definitive Answer Is…

…technically yes, solar water heating systems like the Nuvis Solar Water Heater or the Hi-Tec Solar Pool Heating System can still provide water heating for your home or pool. However, there are a few points to consider.

First, how cold your climate gets will definitely play a role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your solar-powered water heating solution.

For example, a passive solar heating system would not be feasible for use in Montana during the winter. Alternatively, most installations in the southeastern US fare much better when the mercury drops.

Another factor to consider is how well maintained your system is. Most solar-powered water heating systems require little maintenance, but if they’re totally neglected over a period of years, they can become problematic particularly in the cooler months.

Can You Use Your Solar Water Heater throughout the Winter?

It is possible to get good use out of your solar water heater in the winter season, but it’s best to ensure that it’s protected against freeze events.

In some cases, this can require a drainback or antifreeze solution that prevents water from freezing while it’s still in the collector pipes. Even when these precautions are taken into consideration, most solar heating systems will deliver reduced efficiency during the wintertime. This is simple physics at play!

Is Solar Water Heating Right for You? Contact Us to Find Out!

We love educating people about the many ways solar-powered water heating technology can save money and improve lives.

To learn which system is best for your unique situation, contact us now. We’ll put you in touch with a LeverEdge dealer near you who can answer your questions and help you with next steps.

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