Does Filtered Water Taste Better?

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Imagine that there are two glasses of water sitting in front of you. They are equally as clear and apparently devoid of contaminants. At first glance, these two glasses of water are completely identical in every way except for one: the taste.

One of the glasses contains filtered water, whereas the other glass contains water from a public source and has not been filtered through a high-quality water filter. So, the questions arise – One, which of the two glasses contains water that tastes better? And, two, is filtered drinking water worth the addition expense of buying filter housings, replacements, and the like?

First, we should remember that taste is a very subjective thing. Some people may enjoy the taste of slightly salinated (salted) water, whereas other people find it unpalatable. Further, some may enjoy the taste of ‘fortified’ water – that is, water that contains added minerals and vitamins but without any sweeteners or artificial flavors. In general, water that is the cleanest tends to taste the best, as we tend to associate cleanliness in water with a pure, pleasant taste. When it comes to the taste of water, less is more. There shouldn’t be a noticeable, identifiable odor or taste with clean water, and the best way to achieve a source of clean, good-tasting water is to have it filtered before consuming it.

There are at least three different ways to obtain filtered water. One way is to buy it bottled or in jugs. This is fairly inefficient, because the plastic required to manufacture the bottles and jugs must be dealt with after consuming the water. Even though you might be able to easily recycle your jug or bottle, it’s still costly to produce it in the first place, when compared with water that comes from unbottled sources. Another way to obtain filtered water is to have a filter attached directly to the tap spigot. This is a relatively economical and efficient method – but not as efficient and economical as having an in-home filtration system installed.

In-home filtration saves much more money over the long term than bottled water, and the water it produces is clean, pure-tasting and ready for enjoying immediately after installation. If you’re interested in learning how you can obtain clearer, better tasting water, contact the LeverEdge for a free price quote.

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