A Deeper Dive into the Aqua Solar Pool Heating System

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Heated pools are sometimes considered a luxury because of the perception that they are costly to maintain, partly due to the electricity cost associated with operation. In a traditional heated pool that uses electric heating elements to heat the pool water, cost is indeed a big factor. These types of systems are needed, however, in areas where temperatures are too cool for solar heated systems like those we’ll be discussing in this week’s blogpost.

When you remove the need for electric heating elements and replace the thermal charging feature with solar systems, suddenly the cost to operate a pool heating system drops significantly. In areas of the country where sunlight is plentiful (i.e., California, Florida, Texas), solar heated water can be pumped directly into a pool, extending the swimming season by 100% or even 200% in some cases. The LeverEdge is proud to carry a full line of AquaSolar pool heating systems, ranging from the entry level 235 system through to the fully-featured AquaSolar TC system.

Solar-heated pools are much more efficient compared with traditionally heated pools. So what sets the AquaSolar system apart from the competition? It all comes down to the following suite of benefits:

  • Computer-controlled automation
  • Precision adjustment of pool temperature
  • LED displays with easy-to-read placement
  • Weatherproof enclosures
  • One of the best warranties in the business: 5 years!

Even if your pool is larger than average, there is a solar-heated water system that can be sized just right to suit your needs. Right now, there are thousands of satisfied AquaSolar customers enjoying the warm comfort of their solar-heated pools, so why not inquire about your own?

The timing has never been better to start the process of getting a quote for your own AquaSolar system. Simply contact The LeverEdge today and we’ll help you understand exactly what system best meets your needs. Because you’re dealing with industry professionals who know water treatment, you’re in good hands. Contact us today; we look forward to hearing from you.

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