Commercial vs. Residential Solar – What’s the Difference?

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Of the thousands upon thousands of new customers taking advantage of solar power generation technology, many of them are commercial enterprises wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while making their businesses more profitable. Commercial solar has grown into a colossal industry in its own rite, and many of the lessons learned within the residential solar realm have crossed over into the commercial space as areas for real-world application of engineering issues that can come up.


So, what’s the difference? The most obvious difference found when comparing commercial with residential solar is the the scope. Residential solar power generation systems may accommodate the energy needs of a smaller number of people (2-3), whereas commercial systems can be built to support the energy needs of hundreds of people. Industrial complexes with energy-hungry capital assets like factory equipment can especially benefit from solar power augmentation, as energy expenditure is a large part of their ongoing expenses.


Another difference between commercial and residential solar installations is the ballast type. Because commercial roofs are generally flat, a non-penetrating ballast can often be used to support the frames housing the solar panels. This type of mounting scenario involves less structural modification of the roof without sacrificing panel efficiency. Saving hardware panel-for-panel in this way results in a much lower dollar-per-kW/h installation cost. So, even though a commercial customer may end up spending more for a larger solar power system, they’ll be reaping the longer-term benefits of significantly lower energy costs in comparison with a residential customer.


Whether you are a single-family home owner just looking to gather some information related to solar energy or you’re a business owner who is investigating solar for commercial applications, The LeverEdge is your resource for expert solar power advice and installation services. When you’re ready to start the solar power generation system conversation, head over to the contact page and get in touch. We look forward to being your solar power solutions partner for today and tomorrow.

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