Choosing the Right Solar Attic Fan

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Did you know that there are more than six different, unique solar attic fan formats? Did you also know that The LeverEdge provides solar attic fan solutions that are specific to the type of roof on your home or business? The truth is that solar attic fan technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. The result is that you as the consumer can now profit from low-profile, high-efficiency solar attic fans that work independently to lower energy costs and keep your property cooler and more comfortable to live in. But, because of the large variety of solar attic fan options, how do you know which one is best for your unique scenario?


Buildings come in all shapes and sizes. The same goes for a building’s roof. That being the case, it would be impossible to provide a single solar attic fan format that is appropriate for use in all kinds of installation environments. Throughout the history of solar panel technology, a lot of research has gone into making the most affordable, efficient and low-profile solar attic fan possible. Because of this, the variety is great! So, to help make sense of the multiple options, let’s start by going through each of the available solar attic fan formats:



  • Fixed Panel. Fixed panel solar attic fans are ideal for roofs that have optimal sun exposure during most hours of the day. Because they lay flush with the run of the roof, they are less obtrusive. Fixed panel formats include tiled roof and ultra-low profile options.
  • Adjustable Panel with Roof/Curb Mount. Adjustable panel solar attic fans allow the installer to dial into the ideal solar panel orientation in order to maximize the amount of direct sunlight the unit receives. Roof mount and curb mount options are suited to the type of roof in question.
  • Gable Solar Attic Fans. Solar attic fans that mount to a gable are the best option for customers who – for whatever reason – aren’t a good fit for a roof-mounted unit. Gable fans can be installed on existing gables or by using new ones provided by The LeverEdge.



Getting more from your investment in solar attic fans is what we’re all about. If you have questions about how to benefit the most from this exciting technology, contact The LeverEdge and inquire about a free quote. We’ve installed systems ranging from single units for single-family homes to commercial-scale systems placed throughout entire industrial complexes. Contact us for more information or to get started on receiving your free quote.

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