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What is Solar PV Monitoring, and Why Does It Matter?

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Residential and commercial solar power systems are very complex, highly sophisticated feats of engineering and design. At the LeverEdge, we’ve been involved in hundreds of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects that have provided our customers with ongoing energy cost reduction and increased independence from grid-sourced electricity. Among these projects, one of the most important features for reliability and operational transparency is …

Summer’s Coming; It’s Time for Solar!

In Commercial Solar, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

With the long summer days comes a glut of sunshine, and that’s great news for people who have installed solar panels onto their homes or commercial buildings. This is a great opportunity for distribution partners to be talking about the solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions available from the LeverEdge. With the all-in-one, ‘kitted’ solar power systems from the LeverEdge, energy savings …

The Key Selling Points of Solar Attic Ventilation Systems

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Even though it’s technically winter, there are still good reasons to be thinking about solar attic ventilation systems. They can provide many benefits for both home and business owners.   What Problems Do Solar Attic Fans Solve? Solar attic ventilation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency. This goes for virtually any building that …

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Now that Summer’s Here, Let’s Talk about Attic Venting

In Air Tech, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Residential Solar, Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

Very few home and business owners know that built-up heat in an attic can literally ruin a building. It’s true! If left untreated, ‘hot spots’ within the airspace of an attic can significantly contribute to premature breakdown of core building components, including wood, metal, and even masonry. What’s more, keeping a home or commercial building cool in the summertime is …

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Energy-Efficient Home Solutions Powered by the Sun

In Raise Your Solar I.Q., Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

When homeowners make home improvements like an extension or a loft conversion, they generally do not make energy efficiency upgrades beyond those required by the building code. However, installing energy efficient upgrades, such as solar-powered heating or hot water, will not only make your home warmer but also lower your energy bills. If you need any remedial work or home …

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An Overview of Solar Pool Heating Controllers

In Raise Your Solar I.Q., Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

You may already know how easy it is to tap the power of the sun to heat your pool. And, you may already know how efficient solar pool heating systems are, but you may not be aware of the importance of a functional, reliable solar pool heating controller.   A solar pool heating controller provides three essential functions:   Intelligently …

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Why You May Need Solar Attic Fans

In Air Tech, Raise Your Solar I.Q., Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

It seems like energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds these days, and for good reason. Now more than ever, we have to be as innovative as possible when addressing the challenges of using less grid-sourced electricity, reducing our carbon footprint, and keeping the health of the environment a top priority.   In the united front against wasteful energy use, an …

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Traditional vs. Modern Pool Heating Methods

In Solar Advice by The LeverEdge

At The LeverEdge, we work with customers who want cleaner, better water for all purposes – drinking, cleaning, cooking, and even swimming. For pool owners, there have historically been at least three methods of pool heating available: Solar thermal heating Electric (also called a heat pump) Gas-fueled solar pool heaters   Of these three methods of pool heating, electric and gas …