Can You Really Heat Your Pool for Free?

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It sounds like a proposition that is too good to be true: enjoy the benefits of a perfectly heated pool without paying for it. Is this really the case?

In this article, the solar experts at The LeverEdge are answering this question by taking a close look at the Solar Hydronics pool heating system and using it as an example of how the sun can be used to perform the same task that traditional pool heaters perform.

After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of just how feasible it is to expect a solar-powered pool heating system to do the job of costly, electricity-based systems.

Solar Pool Heating 101

Let’s begin by looking at how solar pool heating technology works.

When installed correctly, solar pool heating systems use advanced automation to automatically modify the temperature of the pool when it goes above or below a preset threshold.

This is how it works:

  1. Cooler pool water is pumped out to ‘solar collectors’ installed either on the roof or in an array nearby.
  2. These solar collectors use thermal energy emitted from the sun to heat the water.
  3. When the integrated thermostat detects a drop in pool water temperature, a valve and pump are activated, and the solar-heated water in the collectors is sent back into the pool.
  4. The process repeats until the desired temperature is reached.

And here’s a fun fact about solar pool heating systems: they can also be used to cool your pool, too! During the warmer months, you can use the same system to act as a kind of radiator, allowing the warmer pool water to radiate its heat through the same collectors that are used during the cooler months.

So, does this technology really heat your pool for free? In a word, yes! While there is a marginal electricity cost associated with running the pumps and controller, there is no electricity being used to actively heat the water. The sun is doing the job for you!

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