The Biggest Mistake to Avoid When Choosing a Pool Heating System

In Water Tech by The LeverEdge

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Choosing to invest in a pool heating system is a big decision that should be made with careful consideration of all the options and alternatives available to you. Learning as much as you can about the various pool heating solutions available will help to give you confidence when the time does come to pull the trigger on that ‘perfect’ pool heating system. As your partner in all things water-related, The LeverEdge wants to make sure that you’re not making the most common mistake people make when shopping for pool heating equipment.


The biggest mistake isn’t spending too much or too little. In fact, when multiple pool heating systems are compared side-by-side, their costs are largely within a +/-10% margin of each other, for a pool of the same size and water volume. But, remember that traditional pool heating systems that use an electric heating element to heat the water carry with them a very high operating cost in terms of the increase in average electricity costs during colder months. This leads us to the biggest mistake to avoid when choosing a pool heating system:


Forgetting the power of the sun!

That’s right – all too often, those shopping for pool heating systems fail to consider solar systems that may actually cost less than traditional ones. And, they end up being less expensive to operate year-over-year, mostly because of the complete lack of a power-hungry electric heating element. A great example of a solar pool heating solution that best illustrates this point is the iSwim Solar Pool Heater, manufactured by Solar Hydronics Corporation. Modern materials combined with expert engineering combine to result in a precision-crafted pool heater that is worry-free, easy to operate and remarkably energy efficient. After all, with the iSwim Solar Pool Heater, you’re directly tapping into the power of the sun!


Don’t make the same mistake that thousands of consumers make each year by forgoing the better choice for pool heating: solar thermal. If you’re wondering where you can go to learn more about how easy it is to purchase, install and begin enjoying your own solar pool heater, then look no further than the experts at The LeverEdge. Contact us today with your toughest questions about solar pool heating; we’re ready to assist you and get you on the path to enjoying a longer swim season without the unnecessary energy costs.

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