Anatomy of a Solar Attic Fan

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Solar attic fans are a technological wonder—they use freely available energy from the sun to power an exhaust fan that helps to regulate the temperature and humidity of the attic.

This is important because uncirculated air in the attic can lead to a host of problems, including ice damming, heating and cooling inefficiencies, and even mold and mildew formation.

In this article, we’re looking at the component parts of a solar-powered attic fan from Venti, one of the premier manufacturers of these compact, easy-to-install, money-saving devices.

Solar Attic Fan, Exploded View

Here is a quick representation of the parts that make up a typical solar attic fan:

Six main parts comprise the entire unit.

You’ll see above that the solar attic fan is comprised of six essential parts. In descending order, they are:

  1. The solar panel. This disc-shaped powerhouse converts photovoltaic energy from sunlight, and transmits it to the motor contained within the housing.
  2. The upper housing. This conceals the inner components from the elements while providing a base for the solar panel.
  3. Dielectric motor. The small motor accepts electrical current from the solar panel and uses it to turn the fan blade.
  4. Fan blade. A high-efficiency, ultra-light fan blade pushes air outside from within the attic.
  5. Exhaust mesh. This protective barrier keeps debris from entering the unit.
  6. Lower housing. The lower housing is used to affix the solar attic fan to the roof.

With the right tools and a basic understanding of carpentry, a solar attic fan can be installed in minutes, and it starts providing benefits immediately!

The best part is that there is no grid-tied electricity needed for the unit to operate effectively. Just sunlight!

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