An Overview of Solar Pool Heating Systems

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Did you know that you can put the laws of physics to work for you to heat your swimming pool effectively, reliably, and for free?

It’s true. By harnessing the thermal energy that is emitted by the sun, you can enjoy your swimming pool for more months out of the year, giving you yet more return on the swimming pool investment you’ve made.

And the best part? The LeverEdge has all of the knowledge, equipment, and advice you need to outfit your swimming pool—no matter the size or dimensions—just in time for the cold season.

How Does It All Work?

Solar energy comes in two usable forms: photovoltaic energy (which is the kind of energy that is harvested by solar panels), and thermal energy (also known as ‘heat’ energy).

The solar pool heating systems provided by The LeverEdge use specially designed collector arrays to ‘trap’ thermal energy. These arrays are long, thin tubules that are connected to a pump that sends water throughout the system.

When the water within the tubules becomes warmer than the water in the swimming pool, a thermostat-controlled switch sends the water into the pool, immediately increasing the pool water temperature.

See the image below:

Notice how the water inlet and outlets are located in areas that do not obstruct swimming. Also, the water pump can be strategically installed to be out of sight, as well.

Generally speaking, solar pool heating systems work best when the temperature of the pool is lower than the ambient temperature. Even if this difference is only a few degrees, the difference you’ll feel in the pool will be very noticeable.

Do These Systems Require Maintenance?

After they’re installed, most solar pool heating systems require no maintenance at all. Occasionally, a pump may need to be serviced or a piece of water conduit might spring a leak, but these incidences are rare thanks to the industrial-grade materials out of which they are built.

Moreover, the installation experts at The LeverEdge conduct a comprehensive quality assurance inspection before commissioning your new solar pool heating system, so you don’t have to worry about any ‘surprises’.

When you’re able to use your pool for more weeks out of the year—even in the brisk months of fall—it’s likely that the neighbors will be wondering how. When they ask, you can simply tell them, “The LeverEdge makes it possible!”.

To inquire about a solar pool heating system for your home or business, contact The LeverEdge today.

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