An Educational Visit for Carrollwood Day School

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An Educational Visit for Carrollwood Day SchoolRecently, Solar Hydronics Corp (SHC) and The LeverEdge hosted an educational tour for the 5th grade class of Carrollwood Day School. The 5th graders are currently discussing the idea of recognizing a need and turning a solution for that need into an invention.

Pertaining to that discussion, Rick Sims, National Sales Manager for SHC, recounted the history of harnessing solar power to heat water. The original idea started with the recognition of the fact that water sitting in a garden hose in the sun gathers heat and water then runs hot from the hose when the spigot is turned on. This idea led to the invention of a process for capturing heat from the sun in a structure that resembles many small garden hoses and transferring that heat to the home or to a swimming pool.

The tour of Solar Hydronics, which is the world’s most advanced solar pool collector manufacturer, allowed the students a hands-on opportunity to feel the sun’s heat being collected in a working solar pool collector. The 5th graders also observed the entire process of a solar pool collector being fabricated, from the very beginning as a collection of polypropylene pellets to the completed product of a solar collector panel.

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