Air Quality – The Dirty Elephant in the Room

In Air Tech by The LeverEdge

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It’s literally all around us, and it’s absolutely unavoidable even if we tried not to take a breath: the air. It carries life-giving oxygen that we all need to survive, but it can also carry dangerous particles, organisms, and foul odors. It’s time to take a good, hard look at the quality of the air in your home or business.


What most people don’t know is that we spend an average of 90% of our lives indoors, and the air quality indoors can actually be 2-5 times more unhealthy than the air just outside our front doors. Why? Because air that is constantly subjected to use by modern technology (for example, motor radiators in a clothes dryer or cooling fans in a computer tower) but not filtered or exhausted can accumulate over time, resulting in a potentially harmful concentration of airborne particles that cannot be avoided.


Consider the average amount of electrical appliances in a home and the demand that these devices place on air quality. There are televisions, ovens, dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, AC units, heaters, and more. They are all contributing their own amount of dirty air to the interior climate with every use. If the air in a home isn’t treated to the same filtration and sanitization as the water in the home, adverse health effects are bound to arise.


Thankfully, there are air filtration options available from the knowledgeable professionals at The LeverEdge. Because we know how important air quality is for your home or business, we specialize in providing whole-building air filtration and sanitization systems like the Qualitair treatment solution. This system provides a one-two punch in the fight against contaminated air: combining ultraviolet energy and ultraviolet ozone applications in one simple solution.


The results speak for themselves:

  • Complete building air treatment, not just one room.
  • Drastic reduction in odors.
  • Less concentration of allergens and harmful particles.
  • Efficient operation, using less electricity than a 60W light bulb.

There’s never been a better time to take action to make the air you breathe healthier and cleaner. We’re available to work with you to identify the best air filtration and sanitization solution that meets your specific needs, so contact us today to get the process started.  

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