Add a Pool Heat Pump and Swim Year-Round

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Why drain your pool every fall when you can add a pool heat pump and swim year-round?

If your pool is more than just a place to escape the hot summer sun, you probably get sad when you need to drain it every fall. What if you didn’t need to stop using your pool when the temperatures dropped and could instead swim around the year? With a pool heat pump, that dream can become a reality!

Traditional Vs Solar Pool Heaters

Traditional pool heat pumps use electricity to heat your pool’s water. You just set your desired pool temperature and the pump does the rest, keeping your pool water perfectly warm, regardless of how cold it is outside.

Solar pool heaters work differently. They use your pool’s regular pump to push your pool’s water up to special solar collectors on your home’s roof. The sun’s rays heat the water directly, and the system returns the warm water to your pool.

A solar pool heater can raise the temperature of your pool’s water by 10-15 degrees, which is perfect for late spring and early fall. If you want to heat up your water more than that, though, you will need a traditional pool heater as a backup.

For best results, invest in both a solar pool heater and a traditional pool heat pump for the most cost-effective way to have a warm pool year-round!

Do Pool Heaters Run When It’s Below Freezing?

Not all pool heaters can run in cold weather, but the GulfStream Hi-5 series has a reverse gas defrost that allows it to operate even when the temperature outside is below freezing. That means you can swim around the year, even in cold climates!

More Than Just Heat…

Solar pool heaters and some traditional pool heat pumps can also cool your pool water, making a dip on a hot day that much more refreshing!

While a regular heat pump will simply switch from a heating mode to a cooling mode, solar pool heaters work a little differently. Instead of bringing cold water to the solar collectors during the day to heat up in the sun, they bring hot water to the collectors at night to cool down.

Learn More Today

Whether you want to add a solar pool heater, regular pool heat pump, or both to your swimming pool, The LeverEdge can help you out. To discuss our range of products and find the best one for you, contact us today by clicking here or calling 813-403-5100. Our experts will help you put together the best suite of products to help you enjoy your pool year-round.

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