A Closer Look at the Water Quality Industry

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When prospective new dealers approach us about representing the LeverEdge product line, they’re often curious about the water quality industry writ large, and they should be!

Where is it heading? What are some of the trends we’re seeing now?

We’re addressing these questions in this article.

A Growing Sector

The water quality industry in the United States is experiencing a period of rapid growth.

In both residential and commercial markets, the need for advanced water treatment and management solutions is greater than ever before—this is due to the increasing concern about water contamination and the need for safe, clean water for drinking, bathing, and other uses.

Residential Applications

In the residential market, water quality has become an increasingly important factor in determining where people choose to live. As a result, homeowners are investing in a variety of water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis systems, water conditioners, and water filters.

These systems can help to reduce contaminants, such as chlorine and lead, that can be found in municipally supplied tap water. In addition, homeowners are also increasingly investing in point-of-use systems, such as water purification systems, to ensure that the water they consume is free of contaminants.

Commercially Speaking

In the commercial market, water quality is just as important. Businesses are investing in advanced water treatment systems to ensure that the water they use is of the highest quality possible.

As with residential systems, commercial systems can include water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, and water softeners. These systems help to reduce contaminants and improve the taste, smell, and appearance of the water.

Additionally, many businesses are investing in water monitoring systems to ensure that the water being used is safe and free of contaminants.

A Rosy Outlook

Overall, the water quality industry in the United States is growing rapidly.

Homeowners and businesses alike are investing in advanced water treatment and monitoring systems to ensure that their water is safe to use. This increased investment will help to protect public health and improve water quality for everyone.

If you’re interested in the opportunities that exist in the water treatment market, you might be a great fit as a LeverEdge dealer.

To find out more, contact us today.

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