5 Reasons Why Project Financing Makes Sense

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To finance or not to finance…that is the question!

The LeverEdge specializes in designing, building, and distributing ‘total’ water quality and energy efficiency systems that are highly sophisticated and precision-engineered.

Because of the immense amount of research, development, and manufacturing costs that are required to develop these systems, they can sometimes be cost-prohibitive for some consumers.

We understand this, and we’ve taken the necessary steps to provide our customers with financing options that can make their water quality dream a reality.

What’s So Great about ISPC?

ISPC is the consumer financing company that has partnered with the LeverEdge to be able to offer our customers fantastic financing solutions. With ISPC in your corner, no water quality project is out of reach!

Here are the top five reasons why using ISPC to finance your LeverEdge purchase makes sense:

  1. Transactions are paperless and easy. ISPC uses e-sign technology that makes the loan approval and administration processes easy.
  2. 24-hour customer service and trackable credit decisions make life easy. You’re never at a loss for who to call if you have questions about your ISPC consumer loan.
  3. There’s a live human being who you’ll actually get to know. ISPC likes to maintain a level of humanity in a world where it seems like everything is moving towards machine automation.
  4. The same line of credit can be used for multiple projects. Because ISPC and the LeverEdge work so closely together, you can get approved for the financing you need to fund multiple improvement projects.
  5. Both revolving and installment loan options are available. It’s never been easier to obtain a loan type that works best for you. ISPC loans are custom-tailored to suit the borrower.

A bonus benefit to working with ISPC is they are local. They’re headquartered in Odessa, Florida, and the staff is caring, attentive, and always willing to help.

Our customers tell us that this gives ISPC that ‘neighborly’ feel that they just can’t get from larger, national lenders.

Ready to Get Approved?

Now that you know you can finally get started on that water quality project you’ve slated for 2020, why not contact us to get the credit app going?

Head over to our Contact Page today, and let’s get the ball rolling!

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