4 Signs You Need Water Conditioning

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We don’t always think about the quality of the water we drink, cook with, or use for cleaning. But, the reality is that water quality affects virtually every aspect of our lives. Water that is in need of conditioning may not seem like a very serious issue, and the value that water conditioning equipment provides, therefore, may not seem altogether obvious.

At The LeverEdge, we’ve seen some of the worst water become some of the cleanest and most efficient water, all thanks to the implementation of smartly designed and installed water conditioning equipment. We know it’s not enough to say that we’ve seen these systems work—we also need to give specific examples of how they help our customers if others are to really appreciate the value they provide.

To that effort, here are four signs that water conditioning is something you should consider for your home or business:

  1. Fabrics are ‘stale’ and stiff even after being washed and dried.

    When water contains high amounts of unwanted mineral content, the result for laundry isn’t good. Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Phosphorous are some of the most common among these minerals, and too much of any one of them can negatively impact the texture of laundered fabrics.

  2. Cleaning takes longer and requires more detergent.

    Water that isn’t properly conditioned simply doesn’t do as good of a job at cleaning. The reason for this is because ‘hard’ water doesn’t dissipate detergent as well, resulting in less effective overall cleaning. Adding a single water softener can often be the ‘magic bullet’ for inefficient cleaning.

  3. Etching or rashing shows up on glassware or silverware.

    Another side-effect of the minerals mentioned above is their propensity to scratch and debride the surfaces they come in contact with. Some tap water can even contain particulate matter that does the same thing—most of these contaminants are easily removed with the use of a high-quality water filter.

  4. Tap water doesn’t taste right.

    Have you ever drawn a glass of water from the tap, taken a sip, and then thought, “Wait a minute…this doesn’t taste quite right”? The culprit might be the condition of the water itself as it’s distributed from the spigot. Adding an in-line water treatment system can provide cleaner-tasting, purer water that is a joy to drink, every time.

Remember that these four signs don’t represent the entire list of reasons why water conditioning makes such good sense. And, you might be surprised to learn just how affordable even the most effective systems can be.

To learn more about the many other ways that your home or business can benefit from a customized water quality solution developed by water quality experts, contact The LeverEdge today.

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