4 Selling Points of the Nuvis Solar Water Heating System

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Traditional domestic water heaters rely on gas or electricity to heat water. While there have been quite a few advancements in these systems in recent years, they don’t hold a candle to the efficiency and lower operating costs of solar water heating systems.

The reason for this is simple: thermal energy from the sun is free. Gas and electricity, sadly, are not.

One of the most successful names in domestic solar water heating is Nuvis, a company that has a long-standing pedigree in solar-powered solutions for both home and commercial use. In today’s post, we’re spotlighting four of the key selling points of the Nuvis Solar Water Heating System.

#1: The Nuvis System Reduces Reliance on the Power Company

When you use hot water produced by a traditional water heater, you’re essentially renting your family’s hot water. Every time cool water needs to be heated, you pay money to use the electric or gas resources. Using a solar-powered hot water system eliminates this reliance.

#2: Intelligent Automation Does the Heavy Lifting for You

The Nuvis system constantly checks for optimal solar conditions, resulting in 100% self-regulating operation. It truly is a ‘set-and-forget’ solution.

#3: Federal Tax Credits Make the Purchase Easier on the Wallet

The US government has realized the power of solar, and it’s incentivizing homeowners accordingly. Valuable tax credits from Uncle Sam mean lower total cost of ownership.

#4: Nuvis Has Been Manufacturing These Systems in the USA for More than 30 Years

If you’re going to invest in a long-term solar solution for your home, wouldn’t you want it to be backed by a company that knows what it’s doing? Nuvis is a premier name in the solar water heater industry, and they have the track record to prove it.

As you can see, all signs point to the Nuvis solar water heating solution as a superior way to get the hot water you need for your home without the high price tag. At the LeverEdge, we work with you to determine the best Nuvis product for your home, taking the time to ensure a perfect fit for both your family and your budget. We also stand behind every Nuvis system we sell well after the installation is completed, so you never have to worry about post-sale support.

If you’re curious about how much money you could be saving with a Nuvis solar water heating system from the LeverEdge, contact us today.

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