4 ‘Hidden’ Benefits of Venti Solar Attic Fans

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Solar-powered attic fans are an obvious solution to the problem of uncirculated air in attics. However, there are numerous secondary benefits that go beyond the primary ones, and in this post, we’re exploring four of the ‘hidden’ benefits that solar attic fan owners enjoy.

#1: Preserved Home Value

You might be wondering: how can a solar-powered attic fan help to preserve the value of my home?

The answer lies in the condition of a critical piece of your home’s structure…the roof itself!

The average cost to replace a roof comes in at around $8,000 on the conservative side. And, when your roof wears prematurely because of ice damming, standing water, and other issues related to poor attic circulation, your home value suffers along with it.

Using solar-powered attic fans can help ensure that your roofs life span is extended, thus helping to preserve the total value of your home over time.

#2: Better Heating and Cooling Efficiency

When pockets of cool or warm air form in your attic, the result can be more of a workload for your furnace and/or air conditioner.

Maintaining proper air circulation in the attic eases this burden and results in more efficient HVAC operation throughout the year. In turn, this means lower electricity bills and fewer maintenance visits from costly HVAC technicians.

#3: More Attractive Landscaping

Because solar-powered attic fans maintain uniform air temperature in the attic, there is less opportunity for ice dams to form on your roof and in your gutters or downspouts.

Fewer ice dams mean more effective rainwater distribution. More effective rainwater distribution means your landscaping below doesn’t suffer from pitting or valleys formed by rainwater spillover. It’s a win-win-win!

#4: Easier Breathing

One of the most common causes of allergies and problematic breathing is airborne particles like mold or fungus spores. Dank standing air in the attic is a breeding ground for these kinds of contaminants, and a solar-powered attic fan is a great way to reduce the likelihood of mold or mildew forming on the surfaces of your attic and elsewhere in your home.

Clearly, there’s a *lot* to love about solar-powered attic fans. Ready to take the next step in locating a LeverEdge dealer near you who can supply you with the highest-quality solar-powered attic fans on the market? Contact us, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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